For my paintings I want to first and foremost be known for my approach of Fine Art Finger Painting.  I want to be free to explore with open eyes and wonder in both the large and the small things, distill and express it in my way.  When possible I strive subtly interact with the lighting of the environment by creating texture that can often cast shadow.  As well, I use speciality paints for reflection, glow and glimmer.


Over the years I’ve taken lots of painting reference photos and most of my paintings are derived from my photography.  When you take a lot of photo, you eventually end up with some fairly decent images.  I’m striving to continue what I’ve been doing however step up and seek out those images that can stand on their own with or without also becoming a painting.  Some short works are video trying to capture more of the feeling of the location.


Dennis Velco is a self-taught emerging American artist with a technology, business management and marketing background.

In News:

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January 24, 2015 – “Paintings done with digits not kid’s stuff” – Article and Interview Video – Journalist: Joe Blundo – Columbus Dispatch – Columbus, Ohio

January 21, 2010 – “Captivating Artwork of Contemporary Post-Impressionist Artist Dennis Velco” – James Day – Art of Day Blog

I enjoy the texture and intimacy of painting with my fingers.